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Razer Naga now supports key mapping

Zach Yonzon

As previously mentioned in our lengthy review of the Razer Naga, Razer had plans to update their 17-button MMOG-centric mouse to enable key mapping. Heathcliff Hatcher from Razer responded to concerns about the mouse's configurability back then that "software driver remapping of keys is a standard function for most of Razer products and we do have suitable solutions that we intend to release in the near future for Naga that will enable this feature out of game."

Razer delivered on that promise with an update to the mouse driver, allowing users to configure all 17 buttons. This addresses the reservations many players expressed when the product launched in August last year. The driver update also supports different profiles, allowing users to configure different key functions according to their current application. Razer has also added full macro capability including timed delays between keystrokes. However, it should be noted that taking advantage of this last function might violate the World of Warcraft's terms of use, something that plagued the first versions of Steelseries' World of Warcraft mouse. Read the FAQ regarding the driver update after the break.

Which features are available in the Razer Naga Drivers?
From key remapping over profiles to macro functionality for all 17 buttons, all the standard features of our gaming mice are available for the Razer Naga.

Can I use the Razer Naga with Photoshop?
Yes, the drivers allow full remapping of keys in any application.

I usually use Macros in a lot of games I play. Can I do that with the Razer Naga?
Yes, it is possible to use Macros with the Razer Naga. However as 3rd Party Software the use of these violate the terms of service of some applications games. Razer recommends to check the ToS of your game before you use Macros to avoid any such conflicts.

I'm already using the Razer Naga AddOn for WoW. Should I make use of the remapping and macro functionality?
When using the Razer Naga AddOn, we recommend to not use remapping of buttons and use the default. The AddOn works with the default keysetting to 123 / Num and doesn't need any remapping.

I cannot change or configure the side buttons on my mouse while I am using it on my Mac
The Mac Drivers can adjust the DPI settings, Acceleration, Polling Rate and Light settings. The current Mac driver does not have the ability to remap the Naga buttons. We are currently working on an updated Mac Driver that supports this feature. Stay tuned to for any updates on the release of these drivers.

It should be noted that while it isn't recommended to use the default settings in conjunction with the Razer Naga AddOn, it is possible to assign keybindings using the the keybind feature of the AddOn. This should allow a specially-configured Razer Naga that doesn't use the default 1-12 on the side of the mouse for playing World of Warcraft.

The Razer Naga is a remarkable mouse for the game, and Razer has done well in providing support including updating the AddOn for compatibility with Patch 3.3. Although native support for Macs seem to have become standard with the company's new products (e.g., their new mice such as the Imperator come with Mac support out of the box), it looks like WoW players who use Macs will have to wait a little while longer before they can unleash the Razer Naga's full potential.

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