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Samsung's LTE-equipped cameras, MIDs, and photo frames shill for Verizon

Chris Ziegler

By and large, LTE is LTE -- it's just fast wireless, really, and there's not a lot to see. You know you want it, and you really don't need to be convinced. Amazingly, though, Samsung managed to impress us at Verizon's 4G demonstration area today with its three-pack of LTE-enabled devices, including a modified photo frame, ST1000 digicam, and a MID called "Pioneer" which we're told is little more than a Mondi with LTE swapped in place of WiMAX. Unlike some of the other demos we saw in the booth, Samsung was using actual integrated LTE chipsets -- the real deal, not a concept of what kind of stuff you could see in an LTE-connected world -- and if it weren't for the conspicuous "LTE" logo atop the ST1000, we would've been none the wiser. With the camera, you could instantly beam photos straight to the frame, and the Pioneer allowed you to shoot live video displayed immediately on the frame, all using an LTE base station as an intermediary. This stuff isn't as fanciful as it seems -- Verizon intends to have a couple dozen markets operating in 2010, and these are all examples of the kinds of things we could see if only Big Red decides to make it financially reasonable for us. Check out some pictures of the system in action in our gallery below, because let's be honest: unless you're lucky, odds are good this is the closest you're getting to a live 4G network in the next few months.

Gallery: Samsung's LTE-equipped cameras, MIDs, and photo frames shill for Verizon | 12 Photos

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