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Zyxio's 'sensawaft' tech lets you control a cursor with your breath, you lazy jerk


We never knew just how much work it was moving our mouse around our desktop until we blew ourself silly on Zyxio's breath-enabled sensawaft tech. The sensor detects the directionality of breathing, which sounds really easy in theory but took a bit of learning in practice. After a couple minutes of trying, however, we were "blowing with our mind" as the promotional materials suggest, and while we wouldn't call ourselves halfway accurate, we could see ourselves suggesting a mild amount of cursor direction with very little effort after a day or so of use. There's an obvious application for the disabled, but Zyxio also thinks it can talk gamers into using it as a "third hand," and envisions other applications such as controlling a mobile phone or zooming in and out of a GPS view in a car. We can't see it taking the industry by storm, but sensawaft is certainly an impressive and entertaining technology, and with devices in the projected $70 range in Q2 or Q3 of this year, it might not be too expensive for a novelty buy. Check out a video of it in action after the break.

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