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CES 2010: LEGO Universe unveils trailer full of zombie pirate awesome

As if the idea behind the LEGO Universe MMO wasn't already pretty awesome in our books, this shiny new trailer straight from the CES floor has cranked up the previous levels of awesome to 11. In the new launch trailer we're treated to zombie pirates, ninjas, characters building race cars in bullet-time, rockets, and all manner of other cool-looking LEGO craziness.

Along with the shiny new trailer, we've also managed to get our hands on a good number of screenshots that not only show off some of the environs that Netdevil have created, but shed some more light on how things will work inside LEGO Universe. According to what we've gleaned from the CES reports, the "LEGO brick lies at the center of the experience" so players will be able to use them for everything from completing simple building challenges to "sophisticated brick-by-brick building." Netdevil has also tapped a group of LEGOmaniacs called LUPs (LEGO Universe partners) to help them build imaginative content for the game.

We've got the trailer for you behind the break, and gathered up the screenshots into the gallery below. Either way you go, it looks like we're in for some seriously fun LEGO Universe adventures!

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