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Greenpeace calls out Nintendo, Microsoft in 'Greener Electronics' report

We were really hoping that Nintendo and Microsoft could rally after their near-bottom finishes in former annual iterations of Greenpeace's green business practice rankings -- after all, we bet they're pretty sick of getting beat by Nokia. (Ewwww!) Unfortunately, this latest "Guide to Greener Electronics" report (.pdf link) looks a lot like all the previous ones: Nintendo finished dead last, and Microsoft finished not far behind. Sony, on the other hand, finished a bit closer to the middle of the road.

Nintendo gets bashed for its increased greenhouse emissions and for failing to control its e-waste recycling. Microsoft, which fell from 15th place to 17th since last year, lost points for not following the statutes set by the "Restriction of Hazardous Substances in electronics directive." Sony did relatively well in most categories, but also lost a few points for its e-waste management. You know what this means, right? Greenpeace is obviously just a shadow organization for PS3 fanboys. We knew it all along!

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