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Savage Cycles unveils custom Resident Evil motorcycle

The badass chopper you see above was custom-built by the team at Savage Cycles for Capcom, and unveiled during the publisher's Dark Void launch party at CES this weekend. It's lovingly crafted, and comes equipped with a shotgun, grenade launcher, grenades, first aid spray and herbs -- all the essentials a zombie genocider needs. Check out this Capcom Unity blog post to see a few more pictures of this undead-slaying hog.

Now, that being said -- is a motorcycle really the best form of transportation in the middle of a zombie onslaught? We mean, it's not exactly secure, you know? It also kinda lacks that ramming power we expect from our apocalyptic means of travel. Give us a Volkswagen Type 2 over that two-wheeled crotch-rocket any day of the week -- this is about survival, folks!

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