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Breakfast Topic: What do you do while waiting for LFG to pop?

Allison Robert

Every so often, an email comes along the tip line that really gets the writers talking, and we received one such email last night from our reader Zikko, who was curious what people did while they were waiting for the Dungeon Finder to assign them a group ("Guess this only applies to DPS," as he/she observed). While Zikko usually does dailies, watches TV, or farms mats for cooking and fishing, he/she wondered whether anyone had hit upon a better way to pass the time while the Dungeon Finder went on the search. I include the writers' individual comments below, not just because it's a nice "slice of life," but I also think it's a good peek at how different peoples' experiences can be depending on the roles they play:

Matt Rossi: I have time to inhale a couple of times during the LFD queue.

Allison Robert: To amuse myself, I start counting, "One mississippi, two mississippi, three mississippi..." from releasing the mouse's left button on the Join Group option and the queue popping. However, I am likely to discontinue the practice, as my brain is having increasing difficulty remembering what comes directly after three. It starts with an F. I know it does.

Alex Ziebart
: When I'm queueing on my DPS, I tab out and play a different game for 15-20 minutes. On my healer, I brace myself so I don't get whiplash zoning into a heroic so fast.

Eliah Hecht
: I have about enough time to cross my fingers hoping it's not Old Kingdom again.

Robin Torres: I tend to my farm in Country Life.

Fox Van Allen: The LFD daily is the first thing I do when logging on for the day, so I usually do the cooking and fishing daily. Since I'm a DPS and usually have obnoxiously long waits, I get bored enough to toggle between windows, looking at the armory and By the time I tab back to the Warcraft window, I've just missed the ready check and have three angry guildies cursing at me for throwing us back to the end of the queue to wait for another tank.

Chase Christian
: Two words: dual monitors. I am waiting in two DPS queues at once! Ideally the heroic takes less time than the DPS queue, and one of my toons sits in Dalaran while the other vanquishes monsters.

Matt Low
: I usually blink once or twice before my queue pops up. Dunno about you guys.

Amanda Miller
: I have about enough time to ponder whether or not I might be able to sprint to the kitchen for some water and back after clicking to queue. On my DPS, believe it or not, I quest. Usually you can get a good 30-45 minutes in, if not more.

Eliah Hecht: Damn, 30-45 min? And I thought my BG was bad at 15-ish.

Fox Van Allen: Now imagine waiting those 30-45 minutes, having the LFD spinner land on Culling of Stratholme, and having your tank disappear into the ether without saying a word cause he/she doesn't want to wait the five minutes for Arthas's speech to end...

Dominic Hobbs: Had a bloody bear leave group from Oculus today. Nothing unusual there but this sod waited till we were half way round the first lot of trash, pulled 3 groups then split. Tanks are the new divas.

Amanda Miller: I find that people drop like flies when they see that they have landed in Oculus, despite the fact that it has been nerfed and there are new rewards for finishing it.

Allison Robert
: Tanks were always divas, and I say this having played one for close to three years now.

Matt Rossi: What else would keep us doing it?

Rossi wins the thread. So what about you, our reading public -- what do you do waiting for the Dungeon Finder to pop?

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