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NBA Jam to set the Wii on fire in 2010

Great news, sports fans -- an EA Sports press release just brought some (anticipated) hoop-shaking news into our dreary Monday morning: NBA Jam is getting relaunched (or, rather, re-relaunched) later this year on the Wii by EA Canada. Details are slim, but the presser promises "new game modes, characters and gameplay depth," while simultaneously "[re-defining] the visuals for a sports game yet again."

Not explicitly mentioned is whether the series' original progenitor, Mark Turmell, will be collaborating on the game. Considering he's currently stationed at EA Tiburon in Orlando, it's not beyond the realm of possibilities -- and if he is contributing, we feel confident that the title will be in gooBOOOOM-SHAKA-LAKA! Woah, sorry. We got a little overexcited there.

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