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Sony Ericsson 'Faith' shows a lot of faith in demand for WinMo 6.5.3

Chris Ziegler

We'd have guessed that the X2's lukewarm reception would've doomed Sony Ericsson's barely-there WinMo strategy -- especially since they've also got Android and Symbian to worry about -- but here we've got the first images of what's said to be the "Faith" running 6.5.3. Apparently part of the eco-friendly GreenHeart range, the portrait QWERTY set would represent distinctly new territory for the company if it actually makes it to market (a good deal of leaked Sony Ericssons don't) and would seem to suggest a renewed interest in working with Microsoft going forward -- possibly to get in on this WinMo 7 action everyone's talking about these days. The Faith has a 2.4-inch QVGA display, Euro 3G, and an honest-to-goodness touchscreen above the keyboard, giving it access to 6.5.3's headlining feature -- finger-friendly controls. We'd just as soon see these guys hold off for 7 and focus on Android in the meanwhile, but hey, who knows -- maybe there's some massive, untapped interest in a product like this after all.

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