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Star Trek Online open beta key giveaway [Update]

Kyle Horner

Today's the big day and we here at Massively are happy to say that we've got oodles of Star Trek Online keys to give away. Okay, we're going to stop with the rhyming for the day. We mean, it's not the kind of thing that can really stay, anyway.

Er, what just happened to us? In any case, head over to our special giveaway page to grab yourself one of our 10,000 keys, but hurry while supplies last! When you're warping through space, right up into the grill of your enemy (Picard Maneuver style) and unloading your entire array of lasers and photon torpedoes.

Oh and don't forget the client, which you can find at our sister site Big Download. No need for an account or anything, either!

[ Edit: If the Big Download file isn't working for you, there are other options to try:]

[ Update: All the keys have been given out. Hope everyone enjoys their time in open beta! ]

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