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Panasonic's new AVCHD camcorders put that SDXC memory to good use


So, you've sold a few kidneys and got yourself one of those fancy new 64GB SDXC cards. What do you put it in? Well, how about one of these new HDC-series camcorders from Panasonic? Just launched in Japan, the three cameras shoot 1080i HD with 25x optical zoom, optical image stabilization and 2.7-inch flip-out LCDs. The big difference between the AVCHD shooters is the onboard storage, with 96GB of flash in the HDC-TM70, 64GB in the HDC-TM60, and a 160GB HDD in the HDC-HS60. Of course, who needs internal storage when you've got 64GB in your SD card and a terrible, well-compensated empty feeling in your gut? No word on price for this trio, but they should be out in Japan later next month.

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