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Rumor: 'Tecmo Bowl Throwback' coming to XBLA, PSN [update]


Update: Our source contacted us with some more info, confirming that Tecmo Bowl Throwback is indeed based on the SNES version of Tecmo Super Bowl.

A trusted source (the same who provided us with early knowledge of Lucidity and NBA2K10 Draft Combine) has just informed Joystiq that Tecmo's planned Tecmo Bowl update for XBLA is also coming to PSN. Dubbed "Tecmo Bowl Throwback," the game is a remake of the NES classic SNES version, complete with HD graphics and an updated soundtrack -- it also retains the original plays and team stats. And for those of you who fear the fancy-schmancy graphics of high-def games, Tecmo is also including an option to play Tecmo Bowl in its original state. There's even team customization, ensuring your lifelong dream of creating a horribly out-of-shape and uncompetitive Joystiq team is a real possibility.

While we were hungry for more news, that's all our source could provide. But, hey, if you're in the know and want to drop some details in our lap, we would certainly appreciate it. Anonymity assured!

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