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Teclast enters the e-book fold with the K3 Talking Portable Library


Judging by the snowballing number of e-readers we've seen over the last year or so (culminating at CES 2010, as you are no doubt well aware) either people really, really, really love these things, or OEMs are going for the lowest hanging fruit. And what do we have here from Teclast? The company, known 'round these parts for its portable media players, has entered the game with the K3. In addition from the usual array of supported document formats this bad boy rocks a 6-inch E Ink display, an MP3 / MP4 player and -- hold on to your caps! -- text-to-speech either in English or Chinese. The term the company is using to market this bad boy is "Talking Portable Library," but since most TTS devices usually make HAL sound like James Earl Jones we're going to suggest that anyone truly interested in this technology stick with the Kindle. Besides, Tom misses you! You two haven't talked in a long time.

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