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The Classifieds: News briefs on guilds and players


The Classifieds brings you weekly updates on guild recruiting, rankings, splits and merges, progression and more. Have guild news or a Random Act of Uberness to share? E-mail The Classifieds.

Welcome to our first installment of The Classifieds, an evolution of our former Guildwatch feature. As more and more players move into endgame raiding, we thought it fitting that our guild news should evolve, too. The Classifieds gives you more of the news you can use: who's progressing, who's marking milestones, who's recruiting. But it's not only about guilds. Because we're all down there in the trenches of Dungeon Finder groups at every opportunity, The Classifieds lets you send a shout-out to that player who made your last PUG a thing of real beauty (whether through pure technical finesse or a winning attitude). And if you're curious about how WoW intersects with the world at large, we'll be passing along links to academic research studies seeking participants, as well.

Editor's Note: One thing you might notice missing in Guildwatch's new incarnation is the "Drama" section. In the interest of fostering community growth and positive interaction, we're checking the drama and negativity at the door.

Let's open the Classifieds!


  • <After Dark> on US Ghostlands-A is peering through the night to find more raiders during the wee hours. The group is aiming for enough to run ICC-25 between 2-6 a.m. server time. Let the coffee flow!
  • In more late-night news, <Graveshift> of US Icecrown-H is looking for ICC-10 and -25 raiders for raids starting at 11:45 p.m. server time (10:45 p.m. PST). The group's path to Arthas is already well under way, and officers anticipate full (or imminent) ICC clears by press time.
  • Wyrmfoe of US Icecrown-A, a casual progression 25-man raid team led by hunter columnist Brian "Frostheim" Wood is looking for healers and DPS. Warlocks are especially needed; hunter slots are full. Wyrmfoe raids Friday and Saturday evenings, focusing on normal mode content (with hard modes and achievements as time permits).
  • The relatively new casual guild <Elite Prophecy> of US Grizzly Hills-A is forming a second 10-man raiding team, with a goal of eventually joining the two teams to tackle 25-man content. Members should be 18 years or older; no prot pallies, please.
  • Core raiders from <Next Level> and <Government Muscle> of US Norgannon-H have banded together to form <Presence of Mind>, a hardcore raiding guild aiming for nothing short of becoming the number one 25-man raiding guild on Norgannon. Raiders interested in hardcore raiding including Heroic and hard modes should send a tell to Joewalsh, Killakitty, XSlayers, Héctor (alt+130 for é), Thraknar or Tun for more details.

  • Who you gonna call? If you need TOC-10 cleared, you can now call on <Ghostbusters> of US Nazjatar-A. The casual guild is now moving on to ICC-10. Hey guys, don't forget your Wooly Mittens!
  • <Zodiac Braves> of US Khadgar-H has checked off 10-man Firefighter and is now tackling Algalon. Good luck, guys!
  • <Shadows of Torment>, a new casual guild on the US Altar of Storms-H, has cleared ICC-10. The guild formed about a month ago, after a year-long partnership between <Torment> and <Order of Shadows> evolved into a full guild merger. Congratulations on a great partnership!

  • Happy anniversary to <Cataclysm> of US Earthen Ring-H, celebrating five years under a single GM. Congratulations to Jurdendorf and the some 400 members of Cataclysm on their long-standing teamwork.


This week's top 5 ratings show three U.S., one Chinese and one European guild in the top five positions for 25-man progression raiding. The Euros definitely have the edge for 25-man achievements, taking four of the top five spots. (Follow the links for more extensive rankings.)

25-man Progress
  1. <Paragon> EU Lightning's Blade
  2. <V A N Q U I S H> US Blood Furnace
  3. <Rush> US Dark Iron
  4. <vodka> US Alterac Mountains
  5. <第七天堂> TW Silverwing Hold
25-man Achievements
  1. <神樣> TW Wrathbringer
  2. <UndisputeD> EU Azshara
  3. <Энрейдж> EU Гром
  4. <Nero> EU Antonidas
  5. <EF BIE EI> EU Dalvengyr
10-man Progress
  1. <Casually Addicted> US Gilneas
  2. <Uprising> US Aerie Peak
  3. <Unholy Trinity> US Burning Blade
  4. <Adept> US Dreadmaul
  5. <Harmonium> US Bloodscalp
10-man Achievements
  1. <神樣> TW Wrathbringer
  2. <EF BIE EI> EU Dalvengyr
  3. <Progenies Infernalis> EU Aegwynn
  4. <Энрейдж> EU Гром
  5. <High Council> EU Boulderfist
10-man Strict Progress
  1. <Elysium> EU Hellscream
  2. <Requiem of the Ebon Rose> US Silver Hand
  3. <From Chaos> US Suramar
  4. <Vox Immortalis> US Hyjal
  5. <Mors Deorum> US Stonemaul
10-man Strict Achievements
  1. <Vox Immortalis> US Hyjal
  2. <From Chaos> US Suramar
  3. <Saoirse> EU Kilrogg
  4. <Three> EU Executus
  5. <Elysium> EU Hellscream
RESEARCHING does not authenticate, recommend or verify specific research listings.
  • Researchers from Saint Louis University are looking at how gamers approach fantasy races in online role-playing game. Visit the web survey online.
  • Dr. Jon-Paul Cacioli at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia, is conducting a study on body image in virtual worlds. He seeks males age 18 and up to complete a survey on real-world and virtual body images and psychological states. Visit the survey at Deakin University.

Anybody can slap an /ignore on those Dungeon Finder duds we'd rather forget ... What we want to know are the names on your most wanted list! Jot down their names and send them along, plus their server (or your battlegroup) and 50 words or less on why they rocked your PUG world. (Your character name is optional.)
  • Cheyenne, Whirlwind battlegroup "I grouped with an awesome druid/warlock pair in Azjol-Nerub. The druid was something like ... Cheyenne? We had a pretty awful tank, and the druid (as the healer) took it in stride, and the three of us managed to make it work. It was good times." (Arnesca, US Cenarion Circle-A)
  • Kielik, US Argent Dawn-A "He told us right up front that he was a new 80 with weak gear and a new spec, but he totally worked with the rest of the group, flipped roles when we needed it and ended up being the glue that made the group work." (Anonymous)

Have guild news or a Random Act of Uberness to share? E-mail The Classifieds and let us know what's going on in your corner of the World of Warcraft.

The Classifieds brings you weekly updates on guild recruiting, rankings, splits and merges, progression and more. Have guild news or a Random Act of Uberness to share? E-mail The Classifieds.

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