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WoW Moviewatch: Don't Trust a Rogue


Don't Trust a Rogue is a collaboration between Candidá and Theandrin, featuring additional vocals by Bulltastic. There's guest stars included in the video from the guild Rise of the Dawn on the Khaz'Goroth server. I'm not sure how much machinima experience these folks have. I'd really like to know, because this video was absolutely awesome.

The lyrics themselves were strong, funny, and felt naturally written. It's a parody song, of course, but I wouldn't have realized that fact if I didn't already know it. The video was brilliantly put together, with very effective scene layouts and character staging. All of the vocal performances were spot-on. I was especially impressed by Bulltastic's tracks, since they really helped the pace of the overall video.

Don't Trust a Rogue was a great video, and I definitely hope that Candidá and Theandrin continue to explore machinima.

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