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Nintendo sends glorious papercraft with Glory of Heracles


Nintendo got Paon's Glory of Heracles into my house the same way the Greeks got soldiers into Troy: with a Trojan Horse. Although this horse was in a box, so the elaborate ruse really didn't play into my acceptance of the item. And thankfully, the cartridge didn't murder me after emerging. As has become the company's custom of late, Nintendo cutely packaged its review copy of Glory of Heracles with the cartridge hidden away inside the papercraft horse.

Along with the horse and the empty game case, Nintendo sent a scroll -- a letter from the immortal Greek demigod himself, exhorting us to retrieve the cartridge and help him regain his memories.

Embark upon a grand looking-at-pictures adventure in our gallery. Does anyone else find it hilarious and kind of adorable to imagine Nintendo PR staff carefully cutting, folding and gluing a bunch of papercraft horses?

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