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One Shots: Star Trekkin' across the universe

As you can imagine, with yesterday marking the start of open beta, everyone has been talking about Star Trek Online. If you missed out on picking up an open beta code from us, Cryptic has a great list of sites where you can pick up a shiny code of your very own. Today's One Shots is actually the very first one we've gotten from the now open beta, and comes to us courtesy of Igeek, who writes: [T]his is a picture of my first light cruiser in Star Trek Online. I am currently in en route to battle the Klingons with some other players and I just love the way my ship looks. It is named after my lovely wife since she puts up with all my gaming.

If you're part of the group who are now Trekkin' across the universe, why not send in some screenshots of your experiences! Just email them to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name and a quick description of the action. We'll post them up here and give you the credit for sharing them.

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