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Perfect World Entertainment announces Battle of the Immortals

Eliot Lefebvre

Perfect World Entertainment is working overtime. Not content with their current stable of games or the positive press that's been getting drummed up for their upcoming comedy game, Kung Foo!, they've just announced a new addition to their lineup. The official developer blog for the company announced that Battle of the Immortals is on its way, complete with a number of screenshots of characters decked out to the nines in epic armor.

So, what will the game actually play like? Well... that's an excellent question, one that the announcement largely sidesteps altogether. We know that the game is being developed by Perfect World Entertainment's Shanghai studio instead of their more conventional Beijing studio, and that it's supposed to play very differently than their eponymous flagship title. However, no actual gameplay elements are discussed beyond a statement that implies the game may well have a strong PvP focus, and the frequently restated factor that the game promises to be high-energy. On the flip side, the screenshots look excellent (unless you really don't care for the more exaggerated Eastern aesthetic) and PWE certainly has a solid track record for its free-to-play games.

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