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AT&T messes with plans in wake of Verizon's moves, slashes unlimited voice pricing

Chris Ziegler

Sprint's talking about it, but AT&T's straight-up doing something about Verizon's plan adjustments this morning with a series of its own tweaks this afternoon. Starting Monday, January 18 (conveniently the same day that Verizon's changes go live), unlimited talk will run $69.99 on individual plans, a nice little cut of $30 against the $99.99 the carrier charges today; family unlimited, meanwhile, comes in at $119.99. Unlimited talk and text costs another $20 on top of unlimited talk alone -- no change from the current add-on pricing. Similarly, unlimited talk plus smartphone data goes for $99.99, meaning that you're paying $30 for the data package -- exactly the same as you're paying now, so really, this all boils down to a big adjustment in what carriers across the board are charging for voice. The principles of Econ 101 have us believe that voice isn't as popular as it used to be -- we are now sending billions upon billions of texts, after all -- and as we ease off the voice infrastructure, it makes sense that these guys would want to upsell everyone into unlimited plans (remember that we're living in an "all you can eat" kind of nation) while still banking big on precious kilobytes and characters. Well played, AT&T; you too, Verizon. Well played, indeed.

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