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BlazBlue Portable confirmed for US retail, PlayStation Store


Confirming an earlier GameFly listing, Askys Games has announced that BlazBlue Portable will be hitting, juggling and then pulverizing the US in a succession of 673 extra-dimensional laser punches this March. The PSP version of the frenetic fighter will be available via UMD at first, and then the PlayStation Store approximately two weeks later.

Thankfully, fans of the console game's bold, 2D artwork need not worry about a calamity being triggered (hnngggghhh) in the miniaturization process. According to Aksys project lead Michael Manzanares, "Every frame of animation and hit box is painstakingly replicated from the original game, so all of your combos work without a hitch. And new Unlimited versions of your favorite characters don't hurt, either."

BlazBlue Portable will also support multiplayer battles via Ad-Hoc mode, so you can punch all your friends -- right in their foolishly unprotected hit boxes.

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