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Captain's Log: Community guide to Star Trek Online


Captain's Log, Supplemental, Stardate 64684.5...

As you all know, we here at Massively are dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on all the latest MMO news as well as entertaining you to your wits' end. Over the past year, our Star Trek Online coverage has been phenomenal, including the introduction of our weekly column, Captain's Log. As I mentioned in my first entry, I am honored to be a part of the team and to bring STO out of the dark recesses of space and onto your (computer, iWhatever, etc.) screens. When the game first launched, the original Community Guide to STO came to fruition as well -- since then, many things have changed, so it is time for an update.

Beyond the jump, you will find an ever-evolving list of podcasts, fansites, dev blogs, Twitter accounts, and more. As things further change, I will be updating this guide, so keep it bookmarked! Got a new STO podcast you want everyone to hear? Working on a fansite for the community? Found something that everyone else should know? Let me know by sending the info in to

Ensign, warp 10! Let's get these players updated on their resources...

The Official Star Trek Online Forums -- This is the best place to congregate, ask questions, post opinions, and share your enthusiasm. The devs have done a great job setting up the boards so that you can post what you want without it getting lost in the crowd.

Dev Tracker -- One of the most amazing things about the STO development team is its transparency with the community. Unlike most games whose devs are often unheard from, Cryptic employees take time daily, and even hourly, to check in on the official forums. And to make things even easier, they have created a "dev tracker" pre-set search to allow you to quickly find every new dev post. Check it out every day!

Star Trek Online on Facebook -- If you're on Facebook (is it even possible that someone is not?), make sure you check out the formal STO Facebook page and "like" it. This is a great place to stay updated with "official" news, make new friends, and even find a new friend to play in-game with!

One of the best ways to keep up-to-date with everything happening in and out of a game is through podcasts -- they're especially great on a drive or subway ride to work. STO podcasts are some of the best around since they also generate a great deal of community involvement by sharing great ideas or getting your developer questions answered.

Jupiter Broadcasting: STOked -- STOked is a weekly video podcast (although you can grab it in audio form as well) that is also the longest-running to-date. Chris and Jeremy are entertaining, informative, and not afraid to give their honest opinions. The video format is a nice touch -- you can even watch it live as it is recorded each week.

Priority One -- Priority One is a weekly audio podcast run by yours truly and my Scottish co-host, Mark. We are hosted by The Quantum Cafe, a "facebook-like" social network dedicated to STO players. Make sure to tune in often as we have developers on regularly and share community-submitted ideas and feedback.

Red Shirt Army -- RSA is an audio podcast that runs weekly and features a variety of hosts and guest hosts; they have done a great job with securing developer interviews and bringing comedy to each of their shows. Make sure to check out their forums to become a part of their thriving community. Content warning: Some content may only be suitable for mature adults.

Hailing Frequency -- While not dedicated solely to STO, Hailing Frequency covers everything to do with gaming inside the Star Trek genre. Depending on whether you're a Trekker or Trekkie, the podcast may not be for you; nevertheless, Hailing Frequency's production is very professional, and I am a loyal subscriber.

STO Wiki -- This extensive wiki is a STO player's best friend while playing the game. From episode guides to strategy articles and items lists to detailed maps, the ever-growing, player-made site proves to be one of the best resources for the game. Make sure to register for the site so you can add your findings and fill in any missing gaps.

STO Portal -- This is a STO player's central hub for everything Star Trek Online. The portal owners provide links to information about the Foundry, several podcasts, a few online STO radio stations, dev and community Twitter account links, and a live RSS feed of STO news.

The Quantum Cafe -- The Quantum Cafe is a social-networking, forums, fleet directory and Q&A site for the Star Trek Online universe. Membership is free, and it's a great way to network with your fleeties, find a new fleet, ask questions, and form teams -- it truly is Facebook for STO.

Starbase UGC -- With the Foundry being the newest tool in STO, Starbase UGC has created a great community to allow authors and players to come together. Make sure you post the missions you are making in their blog so you can get the word out and have them reviewed.

A great way to follow and sometimes interact with STO team members exists via Twitter. It's not for everyone, but the social site is a great tool for getting involved with the community. Using hashtags (i.e., putting #STO in your tweets) will allow other people to search Twitter and find your comments. Any interested community member can do the same!

Daniel Stahl -- Because he's STO's Executive Producer, you may be interested in following Daniel's comments.

Shaun Brodie -- Serving as STO's online Community Manager, "StormShade" tweets often and stays in touch with the players.

Joe Blancato -- You're probably familiar with the community exploits of Joe Blancato aka Rehkan; Joe is also the all-knowing "Marketing Dude" for both STO and Champions Online.

As I mentioned, this guide will be updated as things evolve. I look forward to hearing from you all and getting these lists to grow longer and longer!

Computer, terminate recording.

Enter the Star Trek universe with Cryptic Studios' Star Trek Online. From Featured Episodes and Foundry missions through the latest STO news and our very own Captain's Log, we've got everything you need to know about the game red-shirts are dying for.

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