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Cold Feet wedding bouquet responds to your nerves on the big day

Laura June

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When geeks get married, there's always room for some nerdy insanity. This new take on the bouquet comes to us via just that route -- a couple of geeks getting hitched decided to DIY themselves an LED bouquet which responds to changes in Galvanic skin response (GSR). So, when the LEDs are blue, the person holding the flowers is essentially calm, whereas white LEDs indicate excitement. Now, the bouquet cannot actually tell us if the excitement stems from being overjoyed or horrified to find out that your intended owns a fully realized and accurate Quark costume, but at least it'll give you some clues to start with. Regardless, this awesome contraption is also capable of recording heartbeat rates for both bride and groom and makes use of a 1GB SD card to store the data, and other features like infrared proximity sensors to record how many times a day the bride and groom are near each other. Check out the video of the bouquet after the break.

[Photo credit: Jonas Eriksson]

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