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Line 6 announces Relay G30 system for guitar players who want to rock you sans tether (video)

Tim Stevens

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We've been to concerts where the lead guitar player seemed more concerned about tripping over the wire running to his amp than actually putting on a good show, and that's not cool. Line 6, creator of a series of rockin' music gadgets in the past, is back to sever that tether without trampling your tune, man. It promises great sound over 100-feet, even able to replicate the frequency loss from different lengths of cable, and pledges to be "the most dependable wireless unit you've ever experienced." It uses the 2.4GHz band (so hopefully nobody's running a boosted 802.11b router nearby) and costs $420 -- a bargain in this line of work. Don't believe us? Trust Steve Stevens, who not only has a lovely last name but also rocked out with Billy Idol on Rebel Yell and said "there are systems that cost well over $3,000 that sound nowhere near as good." Of course, if you're a big-spender with tour funds to blow, Line 6 will happily sell you the 12-channel G50 and G90 models, which will set you back $560 and $840, respectively.

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