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Pico projectors caught in the wild, one on a camcorder, one in Samsung's W9600 cellphone (video)

Tim Stevens

Yeah, we know: you haven't bought a pico projector and you really have no plan to do so. Still, it's kind of fun to see them doing their thing, beaming little, dim images onto walls from improbably small boxes. The folks at PicoProjector-info are happy to oblige, posting two videos of DLP picos in action at CES. The first is a Texas Instruments model that's been stuck atop a camcorder (presumably with bubblegum), pointing backward to splay the image of whatever it's filming into the wall -- and to temporarily blind whoever dares pick up said camcorder. Next up is a demonstration of the Samsung W9600, which we spent a bit of time with ourselves at CES. Now you can see how it looks in motion, as both videos are embedded after the break.

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