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Video conveys scale of EVE Online ships

James Egan

One of the common gripes we seem to hear about EVE Online is that some gamers can't get used to the idea of a ship being their avatar. In truth, whatever ship you're flying isn't really intended to be your avatar. You're the pilot floating in a fluid-filled capsule within, your mind interfaced with the vessel you're flying and supported by a (generally doomed) crew. The whole capsuleer thing is a major aspect of the game's lore; when you pilot your ship, it's supposed to be an extension of your body and senses in many respects. Maybe that's a bit of a roleplay leap of faith but it seems to work for most players. Still, the fact remains that any time you're seeing a ship in the game you're not seeing an actual human avatar anywhere in or around it. (At least not until Incarna brings avatars into EVE Online.) This means that a sense of the enormity of these ships is, unfortunately, lost. That is, until now.

Our friend hi7ch from the Biomassed blog pointed us in the direction of some video footage captured in Garry's Mod, showing the scale of various EVE ships in relation to the sizes of people and high rises. Even the tiniest frigates in the game are actually quite large, as YouTube user TakeBackTheWorld shows us. If you'd like to check this out we've got a video embed for you after the jump.

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