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G-Fi puts GPS on your first gen iPhone or iPod touch, at quite a cost


I love my iPhone, but I have to say that there is one little thing wrong with it: it's a first generation. That means that I can't quite play all of the games, or record video, or do all of the cool GPS things you kids can do nowadays. It's not a really bad thing -- I can still do a good 99% of the things that a 3GS can do, and I get plenty of usage out of mine anyway -- but it is kind of a pain waiting for my Google maps to update over Edge, or not having turn-by-turn directions when I want them.

Fortunately, there are already ways to get GPS going on my 1st gen, and here's another one. The G-Fi is a little box that will add GPS to your first generation iPhone or iPod touch. Unfortunately, this one is probably a little too hardcore for me -- it creates a mobile wireless point that will spin out GPS locations to any number of devices in the area, up to 200 total. The catch: it requires a specific app called Navmii, selling in the App Store now for $33. That's in addition to the little box itself, which is $100.

Unfortunately, while this might work for a large number of roaming devices, it's way more than I need. A single unit add-on like the Magellan kit works with any app that uses GPS and will probably cost less, too. But if this one floats your boat (maybe you have a fleet of bounty hunters rocking 1st gen iPhones who need GPS to track down crooks together?), you can pick it up right now.

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