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PixelJunk creator disappointed by cheap gamers


Q-Games' Dylan Cuthbert doesn't like you, cheap gamer. When quizzed by Develop, the PixelJunk creator described one thing that disappointed him most about the industry: gamers that refuse to open up their wallets. "Gamers complaining about our games being too expensive at 10 dollars. I'm not sure this is an industry problem, but it seems ridiculous that people complain about that price point." Cuthbert seems particularly sensitive about this issue, noting the rampant piracy of PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe on PSP earlier this year.

The naysayers seem few and far apart, though. PixelJunk Shooter went on to become the second best-selling game on PSN in December. Some members of the Joystiq community have even suggested the game is worth "more than $10." Obviously, the studio is doing well enough with its PSN endeavors, as Cuthbert confirms that "more PixelJunk is definitely in the pipeline." With PixelJunk Dungeons and presumably PixelJunk Shooter Encore in the works, the indie studio clearly has a lot to work on at the moment.

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