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Readers pick best webcomic: The Harvest of Time

It was an awfully close week, with six of the seven contenders all landing within just 30 votes of one another -- but the people have spoken, and elected 2P Start's "The Harvest of Time" as last week's best gaming-related webcomic. We wager it's because it reveals a facet of Link that not many people understand: He's an ice-cold bastard, who won't hesitate to destroy your lawn or wreck your pottery to find a few loose Rupees. What a tremendous jerk.

Second and third place went to The Great Indoors' "Fanboyonetta" and Penny Arcade's "A Review of the Preview," respectively. If you've got a favorite strip you'd like to see in tonight's wrapup, drop a link in the comments, or send in a tip!

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