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Heavy Rain official site launches, announces 'Four Days Challenge'


Heavy Rain's marketing may be missing that "mainstream appeal" factor it needs to push sales with the Wii Play crowd, but the folks in charge of the game's website sure do know how to whet the whistle of those of us chomping at the bit for anything new. Starting on January 26 and running "in real time across three weeks," the Heavy Rain "Four Days Challenge" intends on tasking participants with solving a murder mystery.

The advergame's description claims it consists of "interacting with characters, identifying clues [and] making decisions," allowing those involved to complete said tasks between Tuesday and Friday of the three weeks that the game is scheduled to run. You can head over to the sign-up site right now and get yourself all set up for what is sure to be three weeks jam-packed with pure, unbridled excitement. Or a viral marketing campaign. But hey, at very least, you'll get yourself a voucher for a free Heavy Rain t-shirt in Home. That's something, right? Right?

Hey guys, where are you going?

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