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Avatar guaranteed to be on Blu-ray before June 1st 2010?

Ben Drawbaugh

Anyone who prefers their home theater to the big screen knows that the days of long release windows are a thing of the past -- and until Hollywood figures out that delaying movies doesn't encourage us to go to the theater, release windows are here to stay -- but apparently the Media Wonk isn't that big of a fan of home media. Because if he was he wouldn't say that France's three strikes law is biting Fox where it hurts. Apparently the law requires Avatar to be released by June 1st 2010, which Paul argues isn't what Fox would do willing. Well we went back and search IMDB for every big blockbuster in the past 5 years, and aside from a few holiday movies -- doesn't make sense to release A Christmas Carol in July in any format -- we couldn't find any titles that weren't out on disc within six months of the theatrical release. But just to make sure, we asked Chris Tribly of Home Media Magazine what he thought and he quickly hit us back with "there's no way Fox will wait 12 months on Avatar. Too many piracy concerns. What you'll likely see is an April release with a special edition re-release for the holidays." We have to admit this is pretty much what we were thinking too and with the Oscars on March 7th this year, we wouldn't be one bit surprised to see it hit Blu-ray just in time to blanket the box with all the Oscars it's sure to win -- to go along with the Golden Globes it won for Best Picture and Best Director.

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