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Funcom reveals more of Rise of the Godslayer's Chosain Province


During the last preview of Rise of the Godslayer, we were introduced to the wonderfully large play field of Chosain Province -- a land of war, corruption, and strife. Chosain is home to two rival clans, the Tamarin Tigers and the Scholars of Cheng-Ho, where Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer players will be able to take sides and work against one another in faction based PvP.

But the Chosain Province is home to much more than just the Tigers and Scholars. Corruption has worked its way deep into the land, warping nature and spreading with each passing day. Roads are becoming broken as they lead through swamps and war-torn land.

This time around, Funcom is introducing us once again to Chosain via beautiful concept art and a brand new trailer that highlights specific areas of the zone. We've got both of these things here for your viewing pleasure, so check out the gallery below if you're interested in the artwork, or hit the continue reading button to come face to face with the trailer!

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