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Bioloid robot goes climbing on its own, will one day rip you from your hiding tree

Darren Murph

It's a well documented fact that the Robot Apocalypse is only a matter of weeks, moments or scores away, but today we're facing the grim reality that it may already be underway in certain sections of Germany. Thanks to a tie-up between whiz kids at the Technical University of Dortmund and University of Manitoba, the so-called Bioloid you see above can actually scale walls on its own. As in, autonomously. The robot doesn't rely on a predefined motion sequence; instead, it looks up and figures out the most efficient way to get from the bottom to the top based on the X / Y positions of the grips. Future versions of the critter will utilize a full-on vision system, but hopefully we'll have outposts established on Mars by then in order to maintain some semblance of freedom. Peep the horror show after the break (if you must).

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