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Motorola cries foul over exec that bolted for Nokia

Chris Ziegler

Sound familiar? Yeah, Moto's developing a reputation for trying to hold a death grip on its high-value employees, first with RIM and Apple -- and now with Nokia, apparently. The company is trying to score a temporary restraining order that would prevent David Hartsfield, a former VP in product management that helped see the Droid through to completion among other key devices, from joining up as an executive in Nokia's CDMA division following his December 2 departure from Schaumburg. We don't know the details of Hartsfield's non-compete agreement with his ex-employer, but Moto's basically arguing that there's no way for him to work at Nokia right now without benefiting from being familiar with its trade secrets; naturally, the dude's lawyer is saying in response that the company is unfairly preventing him from earning a living. Seriously, David, don't you remember signing that contract in blood?

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