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Motorola MOTOROI demoed on video in very cozy quarters

Chris Ziegler

You don't typically get this close to your phone unless you're about to put it against the side of your face, but hey, we figure a little intimate time with a device you use this much can't hurt, now, can it? Here we've got one of the first high-def hands-on experiences of Motorola's latest Android set, the MOTOROI, loaded with a Korean ROM in preparation for its upcoming launch on SK Telecom. As if on cue, the very first thing the user tests is the browser's multitouch support, revealing that performance could be an issue here -- even on the phone's OMAP3 core -- but the good news is that the presence of Blur doesn't seem to cause the home screen to stutter like we've seen on the CLIQ and DEXT. All things considered, the odd hump on the bottom right edge doesn't seem as dramatic in the reals as it does in press photos, which we'd say is a good thing -- particularly considering the latest talk that we'll see this sucker launch all over the world over the next few months. Follow the break for the full video.

[Thanks, Omar]

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