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Scientists using Balance Board in stroke rehab


While the Balance Board is a good tool for controlling cute little monkeys and perhaps creating a career, Australian scientists have found it's also an inexpensive way to measure the balance in stroke patients. University of Melbourne scientist Ross Clark decided to pick one up after reading that some physicians were using Wiimotes to help recuperating soldiers, and found it to be "an extremely impressive strain gauge set-up." That's a very good thing, considering the only alternative is a "force platform" which can set scientists back a hefty £11,000 ($15,700).

There aren't any results out of Melbourne yet, but if you're interested in what's under the hood of that little plastic pad you're slowly turning a kind of brownish-black (would it kill you to wear clean socks when using it?), check out this Nintendo Channel video from back in the day.

[Via Kotaku and New Scientist]

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