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Divinity II's Necromancer recycles bad guys for you


The reviews on Divinity II: Ego Draconis weren't exactly sparkling, but perhaps you're in the mood for an RPG and missed this one in the rush of holiday titles the past few months. If so, let us pique your interest with this short trailer showing off the Necromancer, an unlocked ally in the game that allows you to use the limbs of fallen foes to customize a party member named "the Creature." After all, these are tough times we live in, and it's best to reuse everything you can. Including that horribly disfigured arm ripped off of a vanquished demon.

And speaking of recycling, we'll also reuse this post to tell you about the various contests that cdv Software has going on its website where you can win an Xbox 360 styled with Divinity II art, a "Dragon Knight Kit," or some sweet mouse pads. Using the same post for two purposes might not be as magical a trick as stitching creature parts back together, but it is pretty handy.

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