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Rumor: Final Fantasy XIII composer leaves Square Enix


Hot off the release of Final Fantasy XIII, composer Masashi Hamauzu has ... left Square Enix, according to a report on Square Enix Music Online. Hamauzu has been with the company since 1996, and composed the soundtracks for SaGa Frontier II, Musashi: Samurai Legend and others, while contributing to many others including Final Fantasies VII and X.

If true, Hamauzu will likely join the growing ranks of Japanese game industry figures to go freelance -- with the most famous example in game music being Square's own Nobuo Uematsu, who left in 2004 to form his own company. Previous to Hamauzu's reported departure, Square Enix Music Online notes, Square Enix sound team members Kenichiro Fukui and Junya Nakano left the publisher. The site also suggests that more of Square's composers will exit in the next few months.

[Via Siliconera]

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