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Team Fortress 2 updates won't stop after final class gets new content

There's just one Team Fortress 2 class that's scraping by without the support of post-launch additional content: The hard hatted, begoggled Engineer. It makes sense that Valve will get to the crafty class sooner or later -- but many have wondered whether the developer will keep expanding on the title once the Engineer's update goes live. Fortunately, a Community Fortress interview with Valve's Robin Walker confirmed that new TF2 content would drop before and after the final class gets its new equipment.

When pressed about the studio's post-Engineer plans, Walker explained, "we've got multiple updates in the works still, at least one of which will land before the Engineer pack." He later added, "as always, we haven't planned too much out beyond that point, because we want to see what feedback we get from the community." Well, community? What would you like to see? Some new weapons? Different styles of hats? Any support whatsoever for the console versions of the game?

[Via 1UP]

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