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The Classifieds: WoW player/MMA fighter on the mend


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In news from the WoW community, guildmates of MMA grappler Haydn Clasby, aka Croc of <Defiant Hearts>, US Bloodscalp-H, are rallying in support after he suffered a broken neck in what was called a freak accident during a match in New Zealand last month. Friends and fans are publicizing a Recovery Fund to help Croc out with the medical costs of the devastating accident.

Our friend Jens "Little Evil" Pulver, also an MMA fighter and inveterate WoW player (and seen in yesterday's 15 Minutes of Fame), offered these words of support for Croc: "My heart and thoughts go out to you, brother. Make sure you keep your spirits up and tackle this with the same grit and guts you used to get in there in the first place. Take the time to heal and get well soon. Chin down, hands up and always come out fighting; don't let this stop you. I wish you all the best."

Best wishes, Croc, for your continued recovery!

Let's open up The Classifieds ...


  • Family-friendly, limited schedule raiding <Knights of Ancient War> of US Arathor-A
  • Prepping for endgame content <Dual Core>, US Aerie Peak-A
  • Just starting 10-man raids <The Dollhouse> on EU Quel'Thalas-H
  • Building additional 10-man teams <Blood of Sparta>, US Alleria-H, has just downed Saurfang; <Gravitas>, US Greymane-A, is building second and third 10-mans with an eye toward 25-man content
  • Casual 10-man <Ladies Knight>, US Nagrand-H, is solidifying its 10-man team; <Is Legendary>, US Ghostlands-H, is looking for brand new raiders with limited play time
  • Mature family/professional group in ICC-10 <Elite Guards of Alliance>, US Thaurissan-A
  • Looking for healers: <Vintage> of EU Turalyon-H seeks new healers over age 18 for ICC
  • Hardcore 10-man strict <SRC>, US Malfurion-H, seeks experienced, min-maxing raiders
  • ICC-10 and -25 teams <Knights of the Shadow> of US Gnomeregan needs ranged DPS; <Circus Ninjas> of US Gilneas-A is building an additional 10-man team and prepping for 25-man content; <Limbo> of US Caelestrasz-A seeks "unstuffy," friendly players for 10-man teams and a new 25-man team; <Bring Out Your Dead>, US Shandris-H, is looking for a prot pally and a rogue for 25- and 10-man content
  • ICC-25: <Talamasca> of US-Executus-A seeks DPS and healers, including a shadow priest who can off-heal, an enhancement shaman and a resto druid; <Cataclysm>, US Mannoroth-H is recruiting all classes, particularly an ele shammy and rogue; <TUWG>,"The Unknown WoW Guild" of US Thorium Brotherhood-H, seeks mature players for its 25-man team
  • Hardcore 25-man: <Eximius> of EU Silvermoon-A seeks seasoned raiders with world-ranking aspirations
  • <Havoc> of US Burning Blade-H, which formed on Jan. 4, is already 4/7 in ICC-10 and -25 in its first week of raiding. Good work, guys!
  • <Dragonvein> of US Borean Tundra-A is proud to have recently cleared TOC-10.
  • The "uber-casual" <Havoc>, this one from US Fenris-H, downed both ToC-10 and EoE-10 earlier this month. Congrats on the Champion of the Frozen Wastes titles!
  • <Baraka> of US Gorgonnash-H has become the second Horde guild on Gorgannash to clear the first wing of ICC-10. Good work!

  • An effort to organize the EU's 10-man Strict community and address 10-man strict concerns is forming on the WoW Europe forums. "As the 10-man Strict raiding community is a small one, spread over all European servers, it is really hard to activate the majority," writes player Ghengie, EU Frostmane), "as it is very time-consuming to make alts on all servers to have a chat. We are a small group of players, so our combined voices still is not a really loud one. This results in the topic being on the edge of floating off the first page all the time." Lend your support and feedback on the forums.
  • Word just in from Aleksey, former GM of Sedition on US Cho'gall-A and part of the movement to jump-start Cho'gall's overwhelmed Alliance population. Aleksey has finally thrown in the towel and moved on to a realm with more active Alliance players. Better luck to him on his new realm and to those still struggling to build an Alliance community on Cho'gall.
  • Speaking of world PvP, players on US Scarlet Crusade are still coming down from the high of a massive, multi-guild Alliance raid on Orgrimmar: eight full 40-man raids, countless individuals and other raids and groups, in an effort that took weeks of planning by Alliance guilds. The Horde responded with a well planned counterattack. All in all, Thrall, Cairne and Varian all went down -- as did Scarlet Crusade as well as the entire Reckoning Battlegroup. Good times for all.
  • Players on US Moon Guard are organizing an in-game event next month in support of cancer awareness. Get involved on the Moon Guard forums.


  • Congratulations to <Ministry of Truth>, US Winterhoof-H, on marking its first anniversary. Dedicated to helping new players, the guild has grown to more than 100 members with two active progression teams (one moving through ToTC after downing Lord Jaraxxus).
  • <Order of Golden Fries>, US Moonrunner-A, is celebrating four years together this week. Congrats!
  • Marking its three-year anniversary is <Suncrown>, the longest-lasting Blood Elf roleplaying guild on US The Venture Co-H, "where VCO is for FITE and wonderful world PVP."
  • Our condolences to friends and members of <Insert Latin Name Here>, US Scarlet Crusade-A, on the loss of guildmate Uthrine, who passed away early this month. "He was young, vibrant, full of humor and life," wrote guildmate Boz. "His untimely death has rocked the whole guild and the many players on Scarlet Crusade who have had the pleasure raiding with him. Uthrine 1989 – 2010 -- he will be missed."

  • Wår, US Nesingwary-A "As tank, his gear/HP wasn't uber. His attitude more than made up for it. Group was so awesome we ran four to five more. Total blast, great guy, fun runs. Hey Wår -- keep it real and maybe the LFD will put us in a group again some day." (Lornicide, US Hydraxis-A)
  • Maceman <Core>, US Greymane-A "Maceman joined us for our guild's initial foray into ICC-10 as a pickup healer. He wound up raid-leading us through the first two bosses. Not once during the 18 wipes did he complain, mock or discourage us. He truly is an exceptional player!" (Helzibob, GM <Brotherhood of the Vale>, US Greymane-A)

The Classifieds brings you weekly updates on player and community news, guild recruiting, rankings and more. Have news or a Random Act of Uberness to share? Or maybe just a picture of your guild or gang of friends you'd like to lend? E-mail The Classifieds. (If you're recruiting or seeking contacts from other players, please include your guild's web site address.)

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