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Ubisoft to spend less on licensed product, prompted by Avatar: The Game sales


Almost the entire internet is in agreement: Avatar: The Game isn't very good. The game hasn't sold as well as Ubisoft would've liked and, as reports, the company is now preparing for a future filled with far less licensed product and more of its own franchises. The game is nearing two-and-a-half million units sold -- what would be considered a success for just about any other game out there -- around half of what Ubisoft initially expected from the "world changing" franchise.

"Our plan is to take more care of our high end franchises, we will leave less place for licensed games," Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot commented. He further added, "it doesn't mean we will stop but we're going to spend less in licenses in the future." And if Ubisoft's continuing work in the field of cinema is any indication, it might have more to gain from making films based on games rather than the other way around.

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