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WoW Moviewatch: How to Punt a Gnome - Method 1


How to Punt a Gnome - Method 1 is the first episode in a new machinima series by Bloodvein Movies. The series has a basic premise, which you can probably easily noodle out by reading the title of the installment. In summary, it's all about different methods for gnome punting.

How to Punt a Gnome has several great touches. I like the general animation style, of course, and it shows that Bloodvein has decent notions about how to accomplish machinima. For an old gamer like me, though, the Mortal Kombat sequence is probably the finest part of this video. While I was always a die-hard Scorpion fan, any Fatality is a good Fatality.

My only significant criticism of the video regards the undead's voice. I had to crank the volume up very high and listen to the soundtrack many times to make out what that character was saying. That could be a YouTube issue, maybe, but it was definitely distracting from the overall movie.

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