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HTC Magic's user agent profile says it has a QWERTY keyboard, possible myTouch Slide for T-Mobile?

Chris Ziegler

We'd just heard the other day some hot rumors that HTC's aging Magic would see a new version on T-Mobile this Spring with a physical keyboard added into the mix, and now we've got some corroborating evidence: an official user agent profile for the Sapphire (HTC's original codename for the phone) that proudly boasts of its QWERTY capability. You might think that this doesn't mean much since even Android phones without physical keyboard still have access to QWERTY through software, but actually, the "prf:Keyboard" line in these bundles of XML typically reads "No" if there isn't an actual keyboard in tow. Ironically, the original myTouch just got reworked with a 3.5mm headphone jack, but who knows -- maybe T-Mobile's evil plan is to let the old one soldier on for another handful of months and offer a new model just above it with a whole bunch of extra keys?

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