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New playable character in RE5: Gold Edition


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Of all the characters we can imagine playing in the new Mercenaries Reunion mode in the upcoming Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, Excella Gionne is probably at the bottom of the list. Well, Ashley -- Leon's little tag-along in Resident Evil 4 -- might rank lower. While the press release assures us that Excella's "mercilessness contrasts with her beauty" and that she has a "strong fighting instinct backed up by superior martial art skills," it seems just a little suspect. She's a CEO, not a warrior. Can you imagine Steve Ballmer and Howard Stringer teaming up to fight their way through the zombie apocalypse?

Actually, that sounds completely awesome. Why don't you check out some screens of Excella -- and some new screens of the "Desperate Escape" episode -- while Joystiq Publishing works up a development document for Ball and String in Zombie Town.

The Gold Edition DLC will be available February 17, followed by a retail release in March.

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