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New Uncharted 2 DLC, retail twin pack for Japan


A very elegant Uncharted box set will be released in Japan on February 18 for ¥7,980 (about $87). The Uncharted Twin Pack contains both Uncharted 2 and the "PlayStation 3 the Best" Edition of Uncharted, in a lovely gold box that, thankfully, hides Japan's Uncharted 2 box from view. Along with this announcement comes the reveal of a demo bound for the Japanese PlayStation Store on January 28, plus a bunch of exciting DLC, which we can assume will arrive outside of Japan at some point.

The first content pack will be free and in the Store on January 28 -- and it's kinda weird. It contains multiplayer character models of Resistance 2's Nathan Hale and a Chimera, InFamous' Cole (in both "good" and "evil" forms) and Zeke, and Killzone 2's Tomas Sevchenko and a Helghast soldier. The second DLC pack, dated February 25, adds two maps, one of which is based on the first Uncharted's "Ruins" area, and multiplayer models of the first game's Nate, Elena, Atoq Navarro, Eddy Raja, Roman Gabriel, and a mercenary. This pack won't be free, but no price has been specified. The third DLC pack, available April 15 and also premium, adds a new co-op multiplayer mode, along with four new maps and five new character skins.

Check out the crossover character skins in our gallery below:

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