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Rockstar: LA Noire getting cover story reveal next month


In the very same official Q&A where it finally responded to the complaints of the Rockstar Spouses, Rockstar brings up an old friend we haven't heard from in a while: L.A. Noire, the "innovative," possibly console-based, "Ellroy-esque" game that's been in development almost since its noir inspired Los Angeles setting was current. It says that we'll finally get a good look at the game and why it's supposed to be so great as soon as "next month" courtesy of "a big cover story." What magazine? That's still a hush hush, on-the-QT and off the record secret.

But said cover story (Time? Popular Science? Dog Fancy?) will reportedly contain information about why both the look and "the amazing new technology" of the game are worth the wait. We would say not to hold your breath, but everyone still holding their breath for LA Noire turned blue and passed out about a year ago. Still, we're interested, so we'll keep eyes peeled on the magazine stands next month.

[via G4TV]

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