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Rockstar speaks out regarding San Diego studio accusations


While we've heard from nearly everyone else regarding recent quality of life accusations at Rockstar San Diego (not to mention Rockstar Vancouver and New York), we are just today seeing the first direct response to the claims from Rockstar itself. In a post this afternoon on the company's blog ("Rockstar Newswire"), a representative responds to a fan question on the subject by saying, "As for the stories spreading around the internet, yes we have noticed them ... Unfortunately, this is a case of people taking the opinions of a few anonymous posters on message boards as fact." The Rockstar rep also assured readers that Red Dead Redemption -- the San Diego dev studio's latest game -- is on track for its April 27 release in the US, and Rockstar "could not be more excited with how the game is looking and playing."

With regards to actually addressing the accusations leveled at the company, the rep was a bit more dismissive. "We're saddened if any former members of any studio did not find their time here enjoyable or creatively fulfilling and wish them well with finding an environment more suitable to their temperaments and needs, but the vast majority of our company are focused solely on delivering cutting edge interactive entertainment. We've always cared passionately about the people working here, and have always tried to maintain a supportive creative environment." Though the piece admits "no business is ever perfect," it pointedly notes the enormous challenge that comes with "such large scale, high quality games." Unfortunately, there is no mention of the recently released "Eye of Sauron" wallpapers.

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