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Star Trek Online beta gets huge update, adds more Nimoy


The MMO-developing band over at Cryptic has released an absolutely massive update to the Star Trek Online open beta. There are literally pages of fixes and changes, though Cryptic has thankfully distilled the major "headline" changes into a few bullet points:
  • The level cap has been removed, which should be music to the ears of the pre-release power levelers out there.
  • Cardassian and Romulan space is now accessible to Federation players, too, and there are some changes to bridge officer mechanics.
  • Additionally, the update allows players to use the mini-map to scan anomalies. As we all know, anomalies need scanning like nobody's business, so that's good news.
Perhaps most important of all is that Spock himself, Mr. Leonard Nimoy, now offers an "audio journal overview" upon entering a new sector of space. That's great news because, just like bacon, everything's better with Nimoy. Hit the source link for the full patch release notes (be sure to click through the splash page).

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