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Video walkthrough: Bible Navigator X (Xbox 360)


We guess the "X" stands for "it's on the Xbox 360," because there wasn't a single can of Mountain Dew or a dirt-biking bear to be seen in Bible Navigator X. Instead, there's lots of text, and some stuff about God and his homeboys. There is some neat functionality, though -- the searching was easy enough and navigating the Bible was a fairly painless experience here. Ultimately, we failed to find any reason why somebody would go this route over just buying a regular Bible. Besides, statistically speaking, you probably already have one in your home, even if you don't exactly know where it is right now.

Also: Who was the person who came up with these themes? If there's anything that's going to teach the kids to respect the bible, it's a version with virtual stains all over it, amirite?

Bonus! The first person to leave a comment on this post will get a free Bible Navigator X code. Keep an eye on your inbox! Official rules apply.

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