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Attend GDC, get a free Android phone; attend as press, get bent


Apart from some fine print, the headline pretty much says it all. Attendees at this year's Game Developers Conference are eligible to receive a free Android phone. And not just any Android phone either. No, attendees will be able to choose between a super trendy Droid or an even trendier Nexus One. Needless to say, it's a pretty sweet deal. Now, about that fine print.

First of all, the offer is available only for All Access or Summits and Tutorials pass holders. Speakers, conference associates, comped attendees and, ahem, press are not eligible. Those lucky enough to be eligible must register for GDC before February 4 and must register to attend the GDC Mobile/Handheld Summit, the iPhone Summit or the Independent Games Summit. Oh, you also have to select the "opt-in" option when registering for a summit (don't forget!)

In other news, expect to see Joystiq staffers feverishly, desperately searching under the seats after every summit.

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