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Bad Company 2 loses smooth tunes, keeps hardcore explosions

During tonight's season premiere of Gametrailers TV, EA's Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was at center stage with first footage and details of the game's single-player experience. The episode revealed the original B Company would return, with players reprising their role as Private Preston Marlowe. The single-player story, which takes players from Alaska to South America, sees the rambunctious squad attempt to locate a devastating weapon system the Russians have uncovered.

Of course, destruction once again plays a major role in the game, but sadly the smooth soundtrack that accompanied the original game seems to have been replaced by a generic "epic" score. Hopefully it'll be the least of our concerns when the estimated "10 hour" experience lands on consoles and on PC on March 2, 2010.

According to the episode, a new multiplayer demo will land some time in February (perhaps the rumored demo date is accurate?) When contacted for an actual date for the new demo, an EA representative told Joystiq details would be revealed soon. Check out the single-player trailer after the break.

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